Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Preparing for Halloween

I'm both excited and terrified at the same time. Our last Halloween experience was not the best. DS had a great transforming costume that was fun, warm and nonrestrictive all at the same time. Even so we only trick-or-treated for about an hour before it became overwhelming. (this was pre-diagnosis and our first time trick-or-treating in a large city so we figured enough was enough and had taken it slow to begin with) My dh loves halloween but hates crowds and even though we had gotten a pretty small amount of candy (what he loves about the holiday) he was ready to call it a night at 7PM. We had only gone a few blocks too.

What ds has chosen to be this year is Indiana Jones. He had me buy him the OFFICIAL Indiana Jones costume instead of us making it ourselves like we usually would. Because of this the jacket with attached shirt is restrictive, the pants are long and uncomfortable and the hat is ill-fitting. He insists that he MUST carry a whip and a gun because Indy carries a whip and a gun and he has to be just like Indy.

I'm really worried that if he carries said whip and gun he will go around hitting people with the whip and pretending to shoot people which we have been trying to discourage. The greater threat being the whip.

I'm also being pressured by my friends to take him with a large group of other kids to trick or treat and see a large parade. I know that these things will be HUGELY stimulating and way more than he would be able to handle but a part of me doesn't want to exclude him from his friends. He's just a kid after all and should be allowed the same privileges as the other kids his own age. I was thinking that maybe if we could do some of the things with them but leave before the big parade I wouldn't feel like we were denying him anything.

We are also considering going to a festival in the park the day before. The crowd will still be big and possibly overwhelming but it will be in the middle of the day so it won't be scary and it is close to our house so we can leave when we want to. All of these thoughts are well and good but I'm worried about how we will be able to pull it off on the big day.

Wish me luck... I'm going to need it.....