Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aggressive Love

I love my son and he loves me. But sometimes he gets emotional over something and doesn't know how to express it with words. Yesterday is a great example. He wasn't feeling well so I allowed him to stay home. He was really loud making noises that were nonsense and I asked him to calm down. Instead of calming down he jumped up and started climbing on me. He was giving me very tight hugs and saying "lovey lovey lovey" over and over. I know what he meant by it but he was rather aggressive.

He pulled my hair and grabbed my glasses off of my face. This very physical show of affection left me with a headache and a few bruises. But because he was trying to tell me he loves me without knowing the right words to say so I just hugged him back and said I loved him too.

His progress is slow sometimes and other times he makes a huge jump. I am very glad that I get to spend time with him but I need to get him to understand limits. His anxiety about the outside world is hard to deal with sometimes. Today we are planning a very simple trip to the store. We are making a list of things to get. I know that he will need to take a small toy or stuffed animal to help him cope with the noise and stimulation. I will try to give him a job while we are there to keep him distracted from the people walking around and making him uncomfortable. It's hard to get much done when he's having an Aspie day as I now call them. I'm sure we will come home both of us frustrated and upset and I will get pummeled with hugs again but the outing will hopefully be good for him.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Serious Case of Insomnia and Start-it-itus

I'm up here at 2:30am writing this post. I had a stoop sale today (yesterday?) and it didn't go very well. I didn't sell very much. Oh well. I'm pretty sure that I will be able to sell some of this stuff on craigslist or something. In any case, I made a few really cute little carrots yesterday (day before?) and sold one of them. In the process of making them though I made a few attempts at flowers and a raddish.......none of the flowers turned out very well so I kept taking them apart to try and fix them. I also started 2 pairs of gloves another sweater and a hat and a pair of mittens. I have a few mitered squares made from this blue cotton for a blanket.